Fantasy adventure & Heroic Morals for ages 8 and up

Designed for kids. Play-tested by kids.

Twice the fun with half the rules. 


What is it?

Heroes Guild RPG is a tabletop game of imagination, storytelling, excitement and danger. 

Players takes on the role of the great heroes, resolving big problems through adventures, negotiations, and investigations. The Game Master (an adult or seasoned player) presents the big problems and helps guide the story by controlling the environment and other characters. 

Maybe you'll solve the mystery of your tribe's sleepwalking curse. Or maybe you'll stop the bandit king from resurrecting the evil pharoah king. Gather your friends and family and play to find out!

Each player chooses what character to play, then they make them their own with a few fun decisions; checking boxes and circling options. It's easy. You can probably finish it on your own. 

Then you'll be diving into the story within minutes.

build Your



What kind of Character can I play?

There's over a dozen to choose from that resemble archetypal heroes from your favorite fantasy fiction, movies, or games. 

Each character is loaded with story-oriented tools for creative problem-solving, conflict resolution, and heroic fun.

Here are just a few examples.


Grove keeper

Carried through the air by a swarm of insects under their command, calling up a barrier of roots from the earth to protect their friends from danger. 


Wildling Warrior

Brandishing a legendary axe, atop their sabertooth tiger mount that bounds over a stream of magma.


Fate Weaver

Who uses their magical third eye to see many possible futures, then manipulates the golden threads of fate to alter them in their favor.



with a whip of flexible steel, slowing time around them as they dance across the surface of water.  


White Knight

soaring through the air on their shimmering moonlight horse, protecting their friends from evil while upholding their oath of Peace and Mercy



swinging from clotheslines, hot on the trail of an escaped criminal, flashing coded hand signals to their trusty sidekick

ZypheriaMap (1).jpg

The worlds of the Heroes Guild are more than just castles and orcs. Like Zephyria above, the great empire in the clouds; with bat-riders, air ships, sky-spiders, and eternal storms. The map was drawn by our guild cartographer, Michael Dement.

Worlds of Wonder

Origin story

In 2016, Josh Unruh founded The Heroes Guild, an after-school program of volunteer Game Masters running heroic adventures for kids. Over a hundred participants, aged 6-16, have been inspired to be brave, work together as a team, and use their imaginations to tell stories together. Most of all, they've driven to be heroes at the table and in their own lives.


In 2018, Josh Unruh and fellow HG Game Master Keith Potempa created the Heroes Guild RPG with the dream to make this rich experience accessible beyond their local community.

At the table, they've learned what kids love, what rules mattered, and what stories and challenges touch them. They filled their system with all of that. Plus the values behind the organization: rewarding good deeds, empathy and creative problem solving, while fueling imaginations with wonder, excitement and adventure.

call to adventure

Epic Journeys Ahead

As of early 2018, the Heroes Guild RPG is being play-tested by kids and adults in after-school programs, at conventions, and private tables. We hope to be Kickstarting a core rule book in 2019. 

Interested in joining our upcoming closed Beta?